About us

Hello! We are from Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Created a youtube channel 3-4 years ago when we used to post some Bollywood funny videos and people used to like our videos. Soon we got 3K subscribers on youtube then we start a Facebook page and Instagram account both are still running. But unfortunately, our youtube channel got suspended and we lost our 3K peoples family. But this time we decide to create a website and entertain our family again and we will try to give you the correct information about Bollywood and important events or news because MediaGyan is all about entertainment so we will try hard on it. Here we are who run this website 1. Reena Mishra – content writer, video editor, website developer. 2. Kunal Chaudhary – Social media marketing 3. Nidhi Mishra – Content writer 4. Nisha Mishra – Content writer This is our small team, working on this website! Most important we need your valuable suggestion to more improvement, please check the Contact Us section and email us. Thankyou!

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