Sushant’s father says: “Anything is possible in the Filmy World.”

Krishna Kumar Singh, the grieving father of the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, spoke to Tadka Bollywood on many topics in his interview. One of the main topics covered was how everything is possible in the “filmi” world!

The devastated father confessed how Sushant was born after three years of “mannat” (prayers). Regarding his tragic disappearance, he commented: “Jinke liye itni mannat maangte hain unke sath yahi hota hai.”

He then explained how Sushant was a brilliant, gifted and special soul who had accomplished far too much, far too soon. Krishna Kumar said that Sushant raised his status and progressed in life from a very early age.

“Uska status bohot hi kam din aur kam umar mai, bohot hi aage badh gaya tha!”

When asked if Sushant could have succumbed to pressure from the film industry, his father replied that anything was possible in the world of cinema. It happens that if someone sees another person progressing, they do something.

“Filmy duniya mein ho sakta hai. Kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Hota hi hai, agar kisi ko dikhta hai bohot aage badhta hai, to kuch kar do. Hota hi hoga.”

His father also revealed that he stayed away from the starry glare of Sushant’s Bollywood life because he was not interested in “Moh-maya”.

Rhea Chakraborty, in her statement to the police, revealed that she and Rajput were planning to marry in November.

In his interview with Bollywood entertainment portal Tadka, Rajput’s father revealed that the actor intended to marry in 2021. The last conversation the father-son duo had about Rajput getting hitched was when the actor told his father that he didn’t want to tie the knot during the coronavirus pandemic but might consider it after the release of his upcoming film, in February or March 2021.

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