Sonu Nigam Claims Mafias In Music Bigger Than Bollywood, Says Like Sushant Singh Rajput It Could Be A Singer Tomorrow

The unfortunate death of Sushant Singh Rajput caused an outcry in Bollywood where the debate over nepotism and the camps reopened and allowed several actors to open up about how they were intimidated by some big names in the industry . Similarly, singer Sonu Nigam in his new vlog talked about the “mafias” of the music industry.

The singer said that Sushant’s death had rocked the nation recently, but tomorrow it could also be someone from the music industry. “Sushant Singh Rajput died, an actor died. Tomorrow, you can hear the same about a singer, or a composer, or a lyrics writer. Because the music scenario in our country… there are bigger ‘mafias’ here that in the film industry, unfortunately,” said Sonu.

He also mentioned that the entire music scene in the country is simply controlled by two companies and said, “The power rests in the hands of two of them… just two from the music industry. They own companies. They have the power to make someone sing or not sing.”

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You might soon hear about Suicides in the Music Industry.

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Advocacy for new singers and musicians Sonu said that although he escaped all of this when he was young, the new crop is really struggling because producers, composers and directors want to work with them, but the companies of music refuses them saying: “They are not our artists. ”

“I have seen the frustration in the eyes, in the voice, in the words of new singers, new composers, new lyrics writers… tears of blood, sometimes,” he added

Sonu took a jibe at Salman Khan saying that “the same actor at whom many fingers are being pointed at these days” has had his songs re-dubbed in the past and mentioned that “he also did this to Arijit Singh”. Citing this as an example, the singer said that if it could happen to him after being around since 1989, when the new singers and musicians had to live.

The singer ended the message by saying, “I hope more people don’t die by suicide.”

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